In a move to counter the dreaded internet phenomena known as ‘lag’, Bungie has announced that a brand new system will be introduced called the ‘Damage Referee’ system. This system is set to change the way latency works so that it can favor those who have a better connection than their opponent, instead of being dragged down to their opponents level. While the specifics are still muddy, the change should see players with higher latency will have more reliable and consistent games.

According to Bungie’s network engineer Peter Lewellen: “Your weapons will feel a bit more reliable, your kills will feel a bit snappier, and players with poor connections should be less frustrating to fight.” This suggests that while people with greater internet speeds will benefit the most out of this system, those with poorer connections will be severely hampered in their capabilities. It’s disheartening to hear for players who truly can’t get internet speeds any better than they have access to, this system will make the Crucible an excruciatingly frustrating experience.

The new system is slated for release in the coming week, if you’ve got feedback, be sure to let the team over at Bungie know. Hate the segregation? Love the snappier experience? It all counts towards improving the game, so be sure to tell the team!

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