Counter Strike: Global Offensive will be getting an updated version of the classic map de_Nuke in the Operation Wildfire update. The map will get a full visual overhaul as well as structural adjustments to improve gameplay. Valve has put up some great before and after shots here.

“Nuke is one of Counter-Strike’s most iconic and enduring maps,” Valve wrote, “First released in November 1999, the map has undergone numerous aesthetic and functional changes over the years, yet always retained its elegant simplicity.”

The developer continued, “We set out to adjust rotation times between the stacked bombsites, Counter-Terrorist strategic control of the rafters, and added a new outdoor attack route. Community feedback via forum posts, video analysis and email was instrumental in gathering a wealth of potential changes and insightful suggestions.”

Operation Wildfire is priced at $5.99 and will offer players a Challenge Coin, Operation Journal, two new Story Missions, new Blitz missions, and Wildfire cases which feature the new Bowie Knife.

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