Breaking down the arbitrary walls that divide us, and letting players enjoy the DC universe with their friends, regardless of platform, DC Universe Online has officially launched cross play. Now, all PC, PS3, and PS4 players in the same region will be able to play together online.

From forming groups and leagues, to On Duty content (dungeons for those not familiar with the game) and just running around the open world, all three platforms are now seamlessly connected.

Daybreak, the MMO’s developer, did make sure to explain this does not however mean cross-buy or character transfers will be making their way to the game. Due to “business and technical reasons” player accounts are still separate, characters and purchases still attached either to your PC or your PS account.

Along with cross play, new content inspired by the new Legends of Tomorrow television show is making its way to the game. A Duo called The First Piece will allow players to fight alongside Hawkgirl, Hawkman, and Heat Wave, while a new 8-player operation, Prison Break, will follow the Atom as he breaks a new recruit out of Stryker’s Island.

It was recently announced that DC Universe Online would be making its way to Xbox One. So far there hasn’t been any information given in regards to whether or not the cross play will extend to the other console. While the answer is likely no, it would be the first game to do so since Final Fantasy XI allowed cross-console play between PS2 and Xbox 360.

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