One of BioWare’s lead writers David Gaider has left the studio after 17 years. He is planning to move to a smaller studio called Beamdog.

Gaider has stated he is “thrilled” to join the new company, although he jokes in saying his new job is “25% paperwork, 25% documentation, 150% confusion.”

Trent Oster, Beamdog CEO, stated the position that Gaider originally applied for was insufficient for someone of his experiene.

“When Dave contacted us, we recognised the level of contribution he could bring to our games and our studio. We upgraded the position to creative director and brought him on board.”

Beamdog is staffed partly by veterans of other BioWare RPG’s like Neverwinter Nights and Mass Effect. They’ve made their name by remastering the Baulder’s Gates games. Currently, work is being done to create a new expansion set between the two games.

Gaider worked on design for Baldur’s Gate 2 while at BioWare. He also wrote for several Knights of the Old Republic characters such as HK-47, as well as being the lead writer for the Dragon Age series.

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