The first piece of the planned Air, Land, and Sea expansions coming to Just Cause 3, Sky Fortress adds even more toys to the mix. Promising another 3-4 hours of missions and challenges, the DLC pack sees the arrival of the Sky Fortress and an army of drones in the sky’s over Medici.

With a new “fully armed Bavarium Wingsuit” Rico has to take to the air to bring down the new threat. “With Sky Fortress, we’re aiming to stand on the shoulders of JC3’s success and go above and beyond… The ‘Bavarium Splitter’ Assault Rifle and a personal defence drone are just two of the new features you can look forward to,” Community Manager Lee Williams teased. And best of all, the new additions can be used throughout the main game as well.

Releasing in March for $11.99, Sky Fortress is the first of three planned DLC pieces for Just Cause 3. The second, Mech Land Assault, and the third, Bavarium Sea Heist, still don’t have release dates. All three are included in the Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass, available for $24.99.

As a sneak peek, Williams also included a work in progress model for the mechs we’ll see in the Mech Land Assault DLC.

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What do you think of Sky Fortress? Is it enough to make you fire up Just Cause 3 again? Let us know in the comments.

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