Two new trailers for the H1Z1 alternates, Just Survive and King of the Hill bring in the playable status of the stand-alone titles based on the original, stand-alone title.

King of the Hill has been described as a “high-intensity online multiplayer shooter” set in the world of H1Z1 that offers last man standing stylised gameplay and is planned for consoles. Just Survive is essentially the original title – an open-world zombie survival game, which at this stage has no plans for a console debut.

Both games are currently in early access on Steam for $20 each. King of the Hill is expected to launch in full sometime this summer, while Just Survive is likely to remain in early access through to the end of 2016. Those who purchased H1z1 on Steam before February 15 should have both titles in their libraries automatically at no additional cost.

King of the Hill is expected to drop digitally for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this summer.

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