What better way to enjoy quality time with your children than with some plasma guns and Halo figures? Well now you can with the news that Mattel and 343 Industries have joined hands in order to create some licensed Halo toys and merchandise. There are various new products on display as shown at the New York Toy Fair. Some of these include Halo Mega Blocks, BoomCo ‘nerf’ guns and RC Warthogs.

Prior to Mattel’s collaboration, 343 Industries went with McFarlane Toys. Since the new license agreement has been drawn up, it would appear that this old partnership has been void. This shouldn’t effect other figure manufacturers as this line of toys are more retailer focused rather than simple figures from say Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai.

You can check out all of the planned products and prices for all the current products over here. Here’s a quick look at some products!

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