Valve has done wonders for the development of video game engines as well as video game narrative and story-telling. It comes as no surprise that we still don’t know everything behind the development of some of their biggest titles. A new video plans on unveiling some of that history with a video on some of the development of Portal.

Titled “The Unseen History of Portal,” the new video by Valve News Network details pieces of the original Portal that never made it into the final version of the game, as well as some tidbits on the development of Portal that have never surfaced until now.

“Most of what is seen in this video has never been seen before by the public, and I [Valve News Network] am very happy to be able to share it with you today.”

This new depository of Portal news and unreleased content should be just enough to keep us hoping for that Portal 3 sequel. I have high hopes for the title’s release; when’s the last time Valve’s strung us along waiting for such an anticipated sequel, anyway?

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