Pre-orders are now available for the Development Edition of Microsoft’s HoloLens, but it will cost you a hefty amount.

Those in the United States and Canada can get their hands on one starting March 30th, 2016 for just $3,000 by filling out an application form.

“Gaming is clearly an exciting and lucrative genre of content on any development platform. Having been a gamer my whole life, and a game developer all of my adult life, it is an area of passion for me as a developer,” Kudo Tsunoda, vice president of Windows Apps Studio, wrote in a news post. “For the HoloLens Development Edition, we have delivered 3 unique examples of mixed reality games that demonstrate the elements of holographic gameplay that no other platform can deliver.”

The post lists multiple games and applications already in development for the device, including HoloStudio, Skype and Young Conker.

“These experiences are available to all developers at no cost in the Windows Store and represent the development knowledge and expertise our teams have acquired over years of working on this holographic platform,” the post reads. “Each of these experiences have been delivered to highlight unique capabilities of HoloLens and to illustrate for developers how they can be used in every day applications. It is our hope that these example applications can be used as a jumping off point for how any developer can create amazing 3D content for HoloLens.”

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