Since its announcement back in 2013, Remedy Entertainment has been working tirelessly on Quantum Break, their take on the action-adventure first-person shooter genre. Days ago, they announced that  Quantum Break ‘has gone gold’, that it is out of development and ready to be shipped.

As announced by Sam Lake, the creative director for Quantum Break, the time-bending adventure game is ready to go as the focus will now be on making sure the game is shipped out without a hitch.

Quantum Break has many actors giving their talents to the game including Shawn Ashmore, Lance Reddick and Dominic Monoghan. Not only that, but the game will have over 22 minutes of live-action videos and a fair amount of interactive gameplay. The game will follow the story of Jack Joyce who gained the power to manipulate time after a freak time-travel experiment with main antagonist Paul Serene who gained the power to see the future.

Quantum Break is set for release on Xbox One and PC on April 5th, 2016.

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