Sometimes the monotony of making balanced and similar game modes and maps can wear on developers, causing them to go out of their way to try out wacky, new concepts. With Psyonix Studios’s Rocket League out for about half a year, it’s about time that Psyonix started exploring some of their wildest curiosities.

Three new prototype maps will soon be added to Rocket League in part of a new playset called Rocket Labs. The new maps will allow players to test out some test-design arena layouts. Psyonix Studios will be using the feedback to figure out which maps get the go-ahead for final asset design, eventually being added into the main rotation.

The first map is called Utopia Retro, a circular map inspired from Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars. Another map called Underpass features an elevated outside ring for the surprise cross kick to the goal. Last but not least is one called Double Goal, which provides each team with two adjacent goals to defend.

While no set release date for any of the maps has been set, Psyonix stated that they’ll be added in as they’re created. Hopefully they’ll be ready after the Xbox One release of Rocket League later this month.

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