As time goes by, technology climbs at an exponential rate and makes all of our electronic devices better and better. This holds especially true in the world of video games. Think about the first time you saw the sun set in Ocarina of Time, then think about the first time you soared through Gotham City in Batman: Arkham Knight. Each generation brings new beautiful worlds we’ve never seen before.

With consoles gaining power, storage, and better graphics, many titles from the past have been ported, revitalized and seen in a newer light. Sometimes ports just come from a different console in the same generation and we see how they turn out for a different audience.  Ports, from the relatively straightforward like Gears of War Ultimate Edition on Xbox One, to the total remakes like the new version of Final Fantasy VII coming to PS4, are all great examples.

Here are the top 5 games we most want ported to the Xbox One and PS4.

  1. Resistance: Fall of Man


When the PS3 was first hitting stores, one of its first big shooters was Resistance: Fall of Man. And it didn’t disappoint. With unique weapons, gameplay, and storyline, this title showed what a FPS in the next generation could do. After spawning its own franchise, Resistance hasn’t seen another main installment since 2011, and while the series was a success, it only ever lived on the PS3. The Chimera-infested 1951 worked as a great artistic background to awesome gameplay. And five years later, it would be fitting to see this alternate history on one of today’s powerhouse consoles, most likely the PS4.

     2.  Shadow of the Colossus

These Titans sure are scary

These Titans sure are scary

Shadow of the Colossus is highly regarded as one of the greatest games of all time. Not only for the intense gameplay and Titan battles, but also for the featured art. Gorgeous and stylized perfectly back when it released in 2005, if it was ported to the current generation it will allow more gamers to experience all the beauty it has to offer if they never had the pleasure of playing it on PS2 or PS3. Adding even more details to the Colossus would be astounding. Simply seeing that on either PS4 or Xbox One would take the breathe out of gamers all around.

3.  Brute Force

Squad Goals

Squad Goals

Not many people remember Brute Force, but they should. The game saw an elite team of mercenaries sent on hostile missions to keep peace in a galaxy tormented by an antagonistic alien race. Each team member had unique abilities, and the missions were designed to take advantage of them all. This was the ultimate 4-person co-op game. With many of today’s shooters featuring online co-op, it would perfect to bring this one back and build a new audience. Fix some of the issues that made the game go under the radar, and it’ll be gold.

4. Crash Bandicoot

Get ready for a wild ride

Get ready for a wild ride

Back in the 90’s, Crash Bandicoot was practically the spokesperson for PlayStation. So many levels in this hero’s adventure took players for wonderful surprises and left them wanting more. The variety was fantastic and fun. Now, however, he doesn’t even get a spot in PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale. Reboots to the series have been attempted before, but have all been cancelled before release. The best plan of action would be to get Crash back onto that island with all original gameplay, but also some great new graphics and style. Make the gaming world remember what they loved about this unique platformer in the first place. It’s been far too long since we saw that smiling face.

5. League of Legends

It's about to go down

It’s about to go down

Ok, I admit this is a BIG stretch and to be honest, the gameplay would probably suffer a tad, but there ‘s one simple reason why League of Legends should be ported specifically to the Xbox One. HoloLens. Microsoft was recently taking ideas for uses of the HoloLens, when one genius of a person said to use it for League of Legends. Just think of players being able to see the whole map on a table in their house. The idea was unfortunately shot down due to legal issues for the IP. But, port League of Legends over to Xbox One and everyone’s dreams will come true. Everyone who voted for it in the poll knew how awesome it would be. Clearly a business meeting should come to order to give the people what they want.

It’s hard to know what games are worth seeing on today’s consoles and which aren’t. Even this list proves there are some biases about what could and couldn’t work. There is, however, a strong importance to why remakes and remasters are made. It’s the lost gems that need to be brought back into the world, not simply because we want to play them again with better graphics, but because they could help spawn entire franchises back to life.

What do you think of our list? What games would you like to see ported to Xbox One and PS4? Let us know in the comments.

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