Since Unreal Engine became available to the public, we have seen some amazing things being made by amazing people. Everything from Mario to GoldenEye has seen new life in this beautifully crisp format. Imagine a game that looks that fantastic on your phone.

Epic has shown off a new concept game, called ProtoStar. This protoype fully realizes the visual capabilities that that can be accomplished by Unreal Engine 4 on mobile. Specifically, this was done on a Samsung Galaxy S7 using the new API, Vulkan. These two aspects combined allow Unreal Engine 4 on mobile to show off its dynamic light refraction, better depth of field, and thousands of game objects on screen.

See the video below to witness the awesome power of Unreal Engine 4 on mobile. There is no word on whether or not ProtoStar will ever be made into a full game, but right now, it works great as a concept.

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