WildStar’s next content update will include Destination Arcterra.

The developer detailed the new area, explaining that, “The recently discovered frozen wasteland of Arcterra is full of mysterious ruins, dangerous creatures, and ancient technology, […] This brand new max-level zone offers dynamic content and events for solo players or groups of roving adventurers, presenting new challenges at every turn.”

The content update will also include a new instance, known as “Vault of the Archon”. According to the developer, the instance in WildStar has memorable bosses, unique gameplay mechanics, and secret locations.

The content update will be whacked onto the PTR (Public Test Realm) soon, which means that players will be able to try it out before it goes live on the servers.

It has also been announced that WildStar will be making its way to Steam. The game, only available for download from the website currently, will be adding itself to Steam within the first half of this year.

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