For those who celebrate it, Easter was just this past Sunday. The colored eggs have been found and most of the chocolate has been eaten. That, however, does not mean the fun has to end. Ark: Survival Evolved is helping keep the spirit going with their own “Eggscellent Adventure.”

For the next week, eggs will be scattered about the world of Ark: Survival Evolved. You can find these eggs and use them to craft special items, like bunny ears and a special bunny costume made for the Procoptodon. Be careful of the Bunny-DodoRex as you go hunting though. While this event only lasts the week, the update brining it also adds new areas. The Swamp and Snow Caves are highly dangerous but have some great first rate loot. Experienced player will want to check these out.

Ark: Survival Evolved is available now on Steam and Xbox One.

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