After launching almost a year ago on PS4 and PC, the 2D, retro-styled metroidvania Axiom Verge is officially making its way to Xbox One, Wii U, and PS Vita.

Considering the Vita version of the game was initially supposed to launch last year, it’s a relief to hear it’s finally on the way. Taking to the game’s website, Axiom Verge solo-developer Tom Happ announced, “Last week we finally submitted the Vita version of Axiom Verge to Sony’s certification system,” and promised a solid release date will follow shortly. A cross-buy title with PS4, anyone that already owns the PS4 version will receive the Vita version for free.

The bigger piece of news is in regards to the sudden announcement that Axiom Verge will also be coming to Xbox One and the Wii U eShop. With Sickhead Games handling the Xbox port and BlitWorks handling the Wii U version, Happ says, “We don’t know exactly when they’ll release yet but it’ll be this year, and definitely after the Vita release.” He however does promise playable demos for both at PAX East in April.

We really enjoyed Axiom Verge when it came out last year. Our review applauded the general design of the game, saying, “With plenty of upgrades and new weapons to find along the way, the complexity of Axiom Verge never stops scaling as you delve deeper and deeper into world, secret paths and interesting goodies hidden everywhere for patient, invested gamers to find.” A call-back to games like Super Metroid, there is a lot of familiar things in Axiom Verge, but the ability to glitch the environment on purpose gave it a feeling all its own.

Will you be picking it up on Xbox One or Wii U? Let us know in the comments.

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