Star Wars Battlefront has been out since the end of last year. All this time players have been shooting rebels, getting aerial dogfights, and have lightsaber battles with Luke and Darth Vader. While all this has been fun, it’s time to switch things up a little bit.

Battlefront’s first DLC, being called Outer Rim, will be available to download on April 5th. This information came in the form of a retail listing from GameStop, so there is a slight possibility that it could be changed. The Outer Rim DLC was announced to add two new maps on Tatooine and Sullust, and new hero and villain, weapons, star cards, and more.

If you have purchased the Season Pass, then this download will be free. If you have not, then on April 5th you can buy it the single package for $14.99. Star Wars Battlefront is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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