After a few rough weeks of dealing with rage quitters on Street Fighter 5, Capcom has finally implemented a way to punish those that quit early during a match.

A recent update told players to report when players purposefully disconnected from a match; not just internet problems. With this information, Capcom can now dock players League points for leaving a match midway due to losing the match and not wanting to continue out of spite. The developer decided how to dole out penalties based on the ratio of last-minute disconnections to the number of “unrealistic” wins.

About 30 players have logged on to find that all of their League points have disappeared completely, being tagged as the worst offenders. Capcom assures players that have disconnected because of internet issues that they won’t be targeted for punishment. However, Capcom plans on constantly monitoring this issue, meaning that players that continue to rage quit will continually be punished.

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