A month long event has begun to celebrate five years of RIFT.

From March 10th to April 5th, RIFT players will receive 5th anniversary tickets for the completion of zone events, random dungeons and Warfronts and weekly crafting quests. Those who earn the tickets will be able to exchange them for a number of rewards, including Mystical Carousel Ram (mount), the Haunted Terminal (dimension), Tier 3 raid gear (rings and earrings), and 46 capes (one for each soul).

“Five years after we introduced truly massive battles and unprecedented character class building flexibility, RIFT is still the leader in offering players those experiences, and plenty of other innovations that get you playing with other people, faster than any other MMO,” Chris Junior, RIFT Game Director at Trion Worlds, said.

Additionally, throughout the month-long event, prizes will be awarded to the 100 players who sit at the top of the leaderboards, which include five years of Patron status, various $5-$100 credit packs, Black Tier Loyalty rewards, and every premium mount ever released.

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