Dark Souls III players beware: it looks like a FPS lock is headed your way.

For PC Players, frames per second (FPS) is a pretty big deal. Although the myth that humans can only see 30 FPS is very much alive, most of the population will be able to see more then that. Fighter Pilots have been recorded at seeing 240 FPS.

For video games, companies have been taking their own sweet liberties of locking in FPS. For Dark Souls III in particular, Bandai Namco has responded to a Redditor saying that, “Unfortunately the plan is to keep the frame rate locked at 30 FPS but nothing is yet confirmed from what I am aware of.”
The Redditor has also posted screenshots of the original e-mail sent, response, and time stamps.

That doesn’t mean that there is no hope for those that want a higher FPS, as things could change with enough demand. A few dedicated players may even decide to unlock it themselves.

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