Deck13 and Home Focus Interactive have released the first images of upcoming Action-RPG, The Surge.

“Set on a dystopian Earth nearing the end of its life, The Surge offers a grim vision of our future,” the developer wrote in the announcement, “Accelerating advancements in technology and our abuse of the environment has led to an overly decadent civilization that now lies on the brink of collapse.”

The game features “innovative combat mechanics with a unique character progression system based on modular upgrades gained through the tight, visceral combat.” The image above shows the hero in a partial exo-skeleton which serves “as a base to upgrade equipment.”  The image at the bottom of the article shows the hero in a full exo-skeleton suit. Players can target specific limbs or parts of enemies to cut off and attach to their own exo-skeletons to upgrade armor, weapons, and equipment.

“Of course, the best parts will often be the hardest to cut off,” the developer explained, “And they’ll usually be attached to the most dangerous enemies! Even the most common enemies can prove deadly, and the game features imposing bosses who will truly put your wits, guts and reflexes to the test.”

The Surge launches 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.thesurge-02


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