Deep Silver has plenty of games coming that we already know about, but the publisher promises there will be at least one major announcement held for E3.

While not the best known of publishers, Deep Silver has been the force behind Dead Island, the recent Saint’s Row games, and even kickstarter games like Wasteland 2 and the soon to come Mighty No. 9. Speaking with MCV, CEO and founder Klemens Kundratitz explained, “We have a lot of games in the pipeline and are very much looking forward to E3, where we are not going to be absent and where we will make our next major announcement.”

One such game on its way is Homefront: The Revolution, due out May 17. “Between now and the summer, Homefront is our entire focus,” Kundratitz said. “We’re going to surprise many people with the quality that product will finally deliver. We had some challenges along the way, but we are determined to establish Homefront as a well-recognized IP in the shooter genre. The game offers a massive single-player part which is really deep and immersive and then the co-op on top is really fun and unique.”

As for the publisher’s general path going forward, “Deep Silver has evolved over the last five years as a leading independent developer and global publisher. We are closing the gap between us and the top league of games companies. But at the same time we are determined to keep our independent spirit to be a great publishing partner for other independent companies and form alliances that work for both partners in the long-term, in both the physical and digital space.”

As we learn more about Homefront: The Revolution, the new, unannounced project, and everything else in Deep Silver’s library, you’ll find it all right here on Gamespresso. Any guesses what the new title might be? A new Saint’s Row game perhaps? Let us know in the comments.

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