Even if it’s tie-in TV show won’t be returning for another season, Trion Worlds’ MMO Defiance is still carrying the torch, a fresh batch of content now live in the shooter.

Dark Metamorphosis allows players to branch out from the alien-overrun San Francisco, finding new challenges in the ruins of Monterey. Posting on the game’s website, “Dark Matter forces have developed new and horrifying weapons that could spark a second Pale War with their destructive power,” the developer explained. “Rally now with your fellow ark hunters against new Shrill minor Arkfalls, fight the infestation with new pursuits, and conquer a new Mission line in the Silicon Valley area. Face these new challenges and then test your strength against the Dark Matter and Shrill in a new solo instance in the ghostly ruins of Monterey!”

The list of new content includes:

  • New “Dark Metamorphosis” Quest Line and Pursuits: Introducing a brand new mission line featuring two new cinematics, five new missions and new enemies packing horrific new biological weapons.
  • New “Monterey” Solo Instance: Players who complete the “Dark Metamorphosis” quest line will be granted access to the challenging solo “Monterey” instance, featuring the haunting ruins of Monterey.
  • New Harbinger enemy: A new Shrill enemy type, the Harbingers, have infested the Silicon Valley area with unspeakable horrors. Dark Metamorphosis brings a new threat from the Neo Votanis Front, a splinter group from Dark Matter that could bring about a new Pale War if left unstopped.
  • New Armor: Players who participate in Dark Metamorphosis have the chance to purchase the brand-new Shrill Armor Bundle, containing the Shrill Hunter outfit, vehicle, and blast rifle.
  • New Arkfall: Players will have access to the all-new Shrill Minor Arkfall: Invasive Species in the Silicon Valley area. These new Arkfalls will challenge novice and veteran players alike.

Defiance is a free-to-play MMO on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, and was launched as part of a pairing with the TV show of the same name on SyFy. Following the show’s third season, it was officially cancelled this past fall.

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