Among the many other changes coming to Destiny as part of the April Update, Bungie is also introducing a new level of armor customization, along with the first introduction of weapon customization. Revealing the full array of new armor coming to the game, the livestream on Bungie’s Twitch also showcased the new options.

Called Chroma, the customization system is essentially the addition of different colored lights on gear. Independent of the shader (or color scheme) players place on their armor, the Chroma can be selected on its own.

Each piece of armor, and each gun, that can use Chroma will have a specific color slot. For 100 glimmer that color can be changed at random. While trying to find a specific color to show off on the livestream, Bungie had to re-roll multiple times. After a few tries however, they found the color-slot they wanted. Each slot can then be activated with a Chroma consumable of the same color. If a piece of gear has a blue Chroma slot for instance, you will need to expend one blue Chroma to turn the lights on.

As for how players will get Chroma, the consumables will be available by breaking down Chroma gear, and through Sterling Treasure boxes. Such boxes will be given out once a week from the postmaster, awarded for completing your first Weekly Crucible Activity, and as a reward for completing the new level 41 Prison of Elders. If three a week isn’t enough, the boxes will also be available for 200 silver.

The April Update, due out April 12, is also looking to fix one of the biggest problems Destiny: The Taken King has had: the infusion system. This comes as Destiny is putting a heavier focus on cosmetic gear and being able to really personalize your guardian, all while raising the max light level to 335.

What do you think of having one more way to customize your gear? Let us know in the comments.

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