This is one of my favorite gimmicks to come around on YouTube in the last few years: 360 degree cameras. IO Interactive have played around with this in a Hitman trailer featuring the location in the first episode; the Fashion Show. The trailer lets you look around on a guided rail as the camera takes you on a scenic route around the catwalk and around the venue.

The new Hitman has already been out and has been met with scathing anger over the online DRM in place. Other than that, the first episode is apparently an enjoyable experience. There are 5 more episodes to go that will take Agent 47 to numerous countries in order to achive his goal.

Hitman was changed into an episodic experience after the switch was announced in January, it was promised then, that every month will see two new cities (or missions) will be added into the game. This allows players to either get a taste by purchasing the ‘intro’ pack or go with the ‘full package’ pack.

Hitman: Episode 1 was released on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 11th, 2016.

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