Announced all the way back in 2013, EverQuest Next, the new installment of the applauded MMO series, has officially been canceled.

Posting a letter on the developer’s website, Russel Shanks, President of Daybreak Game Company, explained, “When we decided to create the next chapter in the EverQuest journey, we didn’t aim low. We set out to make something revolutionary.”

That said however, “For those familiar with the internals of game development, you know that cancellations are a reality we must face from time to time. Inherent to the creative process are dreaming big, pushing hard and being brutally honest with where you land. In the case of EverQuest Next, we accomplished incredible feats that astonished industry insiders. Unfortunately, as we put together the pieces, we found that it wasn’t fun.”

Continuing, he added, “We know you have high standards when it comes to Norrath and we do too. In final review, we had to face the fact that EverQuest Next would not meet the expectations we – and all of you – have for the worlds of Norrath.”

He concluded by saying the future of the EverQuest series as a whole is still important to Daybreak Studios, even if that future doesn’t include EverQuest Next.

A buy-and-play MMO, EverQuest Next was originally meant to come to PC and PS4. This comes as earlier this week we learned another high profile game, Fable Legends, was also canceled. As we learn more about where the Everquest series will go from here, you’ll find it all right here on Gamespresso.

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