Final Fantasy XIV continues to pump out reasonably regular updates and patches to include even more content until the eventual expansion is announced. Such was the case for pre-Heavensward updates and hopefully this keeps going. The newest patch update emphasizes on the Player vs Player aspect of the game. While I felt the PvP in Final Fantasy XIV lack luster, this addition of ranked PvP will surely breathe life into the plain PvP arena in the game.

The new ranked PvP mode is called ‘The Feast’. The objectives of this arena is to steal medals from the opposition. Victory is achieved through whichever person/team has the most medals at the end of each match. As players complete matches, they will be be adjusted into ranks depending on ratings and how well they do. Players will be placed into either Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond ranks. In order to move up, players will need to earn at least three wins to get to the next rank. At the end of a season, players will receive rewards based on their acquired tier.

The Feast is split into three different arenas; 8v8, 4v4 solo match up and 4v4 party match up.

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