The latest update to Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition features four community maps for the console.

A trailer was released earlier today, just hours before the update went live at 10:00am PST. You can check out the trailer on the official YouTube channel for Dying Light, or below.

The maps included in the update all vary in terms of play style, so the DLC should suit everyone. (Not to mention it’s free. That always helps.)

The maps are Under the City, described as a choice-based horror story. the map looks reminiscent of the original Dying Light campaign. Climb Down, on the other hand, is an arcade-style parkour experience. Climb Down is all about moving – and moving fast.

The last two maps are The Hunter, a survival quest in a horde-infested forest, and TeeVee, a visual nightmare best experienced in the dark. Although lets be real here, isn’t all of Dying Light best experienced in the dark?

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