The Pokemon Company have been extremely generous this year with an extraordinary amount of rare giveaways. This time, you can pick up the Regi-trio if you use the Pokemon Bank. They will be available for pick up if players access their Pokemon Bank between March 4th to October 31st.

The legendary trio originated from the third generation and the way to get them back then was to follow a series of braille based puzzles. Since then, the trio have been reasonably easy to get in later games through various different means.

The current trio up for grabs have various different abilities that are somewhat harder to come by:

Regice: Has Hidden Ability ‘Ice Body’ which allows it to restore health when the weather is hailing.

Regirock: Has Hidden Ability ‘Sturdy’ which allows it to survive ‘One-Hit KO’ attacks with 1 HP remaining.

Registeel: Has Hidden Ability ‘Light Metal’ which halves its weight. This is beneficial against certain moves that work in opposition to weight.

A reminder that these Pokemon are only available through the Pokemon Bank transfer. This means that only Pokemon X/Y/Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will be compatible with the app. Pokemon Bank is a paid app on the Nintendo 3DS which will allow boxes of Pokemon to be transferred through games.


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