After interests in Apeiron’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake piqued over the last couple of months, the developers have revealed the first look at how their pre-alpha game plays, and it looks stunning.

Youtuber MrMattyPlays got an exclusive first look at the game, walking around in first-person (although third-person will be available in the final product), and checking out the stages that the developers have created so far. These stages include Taris (Upper and Lower city), Tattooine (Anchorhead), and the Endar Spire.

Just take a look at the stunning design in the video.

While it is in pre-alpha, the game looks incredible already – though the developers stating on their site that their remake is more than just a graphical upgrade, with the final version promising additional content and upgraded features.

For more information, stay tuned to Apeiron’s website here, and keep a close eye on their progress. It’s a massive project, but one that we would love to see succeed.

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