Ubisoft has detailed their post-launch plans for The Division, which includes a mix of both free and paid expansions for the multiplayer shooter.

Beginning in April, the first update titled “Incursions” will be released which will focus on squad play, as teams of four must battle near-unstoppable enemies for high level loot items. This update will also include loot trading within squads.

The “Conflict” update will arrive in May, adding new Dark Zone features and the chance to explore New York’s Columbus Circle.

The first of three paid expansions will be released in June, titled the “Underground” expansion, taking players under the streets of Manhattan through tunnels, subways and more. A short while later, the “Survival” expansion will follow, challenging players to see how long they can last in dangerous territories to gather supplies and equipment,

The final paid DLC will come next winter, titled “Last Stand,” that will “challenge players with a new, relentless threat.”

The three paid expansions will be available to those who purchase the season pass or the gold edition of The Division when it releases on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on March 8th.

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