Seeking variety, many Heroes of the Storm players have been creating single lane matches and skirmishes lately. To facilitate this, Blizzard went ahead and made a map suite for this exact purpose; the map is a single middle lane where opposing teams can slam their faces against each other with nowhere to hide. The map is only available for custom matches and won’t be interrupting the main matchmaking for the foreseeable future.

The map is titled “Lost Cavern” and as mentioned features the singular lane in which combatants can fight in. Along the sides of this lane are various bushes that hide health orbs and allow heroes to heal. This is essential due to the fact that this game mode doesn’t allow players to use their Hearthstone teleport to base, nor is the healing area available. This forces players to go all-in and fight. For SMITE fans, this is reminiscent of the Assault game mode.

The map is available to play right now, and you can add friends by creating a custom lobby and once in, utilizing the /lobbylink command.


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