The first episode of the new installment to the Hitman series was released worldwide this month. While it has seen positive reviews, the most common complaint is that it seems incomplete. The people have spoken and they want more. Turn on your consoles and get ready to have your wishes come true.

The next true episode of Hitman may not be ready yet, but Square Enix and IO Interactive still have an update for the game that will definitely make fans happy. New challenges have been made in response to how the community has played the strategic shooter so far. The Vampire Magician Challenge Pack adds 10 new challenges that all require the Vampire Magician disguise to be worn, while taking down your targets.

The update also patches many bugs seen so far, such as improved load times, scoring, responsiveness, connectivity, and more. While Hitman is available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4, this update is only available for Xbox One and PS4, but will be coming to PC shortly.

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