Hyrule Warriors Legends has Legend of Zelda cast like nothing you’ve ever seen. Jumping different timelines and stories, almost anyone you can think of is there. The fan favorite gameboy installment, Link’s Awakening, is about to get a representative to the title with Marin.

Each of the four DLC packs coming to Hyrule Warriors Legends is based around a different game in the series. The second being Link’s Awakening. With it comes the character Marin, who finds link when he is washed ashore on Koholint Island. We’re not sure exactly what her powers will be when fighting hordes of moblins, but we do know she is a talented harpist. Perhaps that will come into play as it does for Sheik.

There are no set release dates for these DLC packs, but Marin should be arriving sometime in the summer. Hyrule Warriors Legends is out now for the Nintendo 3Ds.


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