Ever thought about maybe clearing up your hardrive, but found yourself wishing you could get something out of it? Microsoft is wondering just that, and has even gone as far as to ask.

A survey has popped up on NeoGaf and Reddit (via VG 24/7) in which Microsoft asks fans if they would be willing to trade in their digital games for 10% of the original price in store credit. That would mean only $1 for a $10 game, or $6 for a full price AAA game. While it would be better than nothing for a game that you no longer play, many have already raised red flags, asking for the ability to trade games with friends instead.

When the Xbox One was originally announced, it supported a bold, digital-heavy, always online future, a set of principles Microsoft was quick to take back and change following fan outcry. That digital future however, still seems to be on the company’s mind, and this is likely only the first step.

Xbox One survey re-selling digital games

It’s important to point out that if this trade-in deal were to become a reality, there would be little financial gain in it for Microsoft, other than through general fan appreciation. Unlike trading in physical games, which can then be resold, there is no resale value of a traded-in digital game. So while 10% is lower than what you might expect to see at GameStop for a physical copy, GameStop relies on that physical copy, and makes a profit through reselling it. Microsoft would simply be eating the trade-in price for the purpose of giving players the choice.

If the story develops beyond just the survey, you’ll find everything you need to know right here on Gamespresso.

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