More content is being pumped out for NCSoft’s Blade & Soul MMORPG with the detail drop for its next DLC. Coming in Spring, the expansion titled ‘Silverfrost Mountains’ will raise the level cap, open up a new land and even more story content for the players to progress through. The new continent will add even more quests, dungeons and raids for players to sink their teeth into.

According to the NCSoft breakdown page, the expansion will have the following new features:

  • Level cap increases to 50 and Hongmoon level cap increases to 10
  • New landscape called Silverfrost Mountain
  • Zaiwei the new capital city and base of operations
  • 8 new dungeons with 5 being expert and 3 being heroic levels of difficulty
  • A new open world 24-member instance
  • New server events can occasionally occur
  • Soulstone Plains opens as a new PvP world
  • Weapons and Accessory paths continue to open up
  • Clan crafting has been improved

The rest of the content can be examined in greater detail here and here. As mentioned, the expansion will be available for players some time in Spring.

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