The latest update for the PS4 version of Hitman ended up actually removing content from the game.

Update 1.02 for Hitman on PS4 was released to improve servers, among other things as seen below, but removed the Requiem Pack pre-order content from the game.

“Requiem Pack items are no longer available for some players after updating to 1.02,” the developer’s community manager wrote on the Square Enix forums. “This is not intended and we are investigating how to fix this and get the items back to those affected as soon as possible.”

The full patch notes from Square Enix are as follows:

HITMAN 1.02 Release Notes
(1.02 is currently only available on PS4)

  • Deployed server fixes to improve connection reliability
  • Multiple improvements to the flow of ‘opportunities’ in Paris and Prologue.
  • Improved AI reactions to ‘suspicious’ actions.
  • Minor tweaks to cover and trespassing zones.
  • Minor tweaks to challenge unlocks and descriptions.
  • Other general improvements

In our review of Hitman‘s first episode, we said, “Aside from having lengthy load-times and the occasional sluggish menu, the game runs well, is gorgeous, and is packed with interesting things to see and do. But the fact that enjoyment was so deeply marred by persistent server issues keeps Hitman from being as easily recommendable as it would be otherwise.”

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