In the video game world, Nintendo might be the best at keeping their products secret until the very end. The NX is no exception as it was announced about a year ago, and yet we still have very little idea of what it actually is. There are a few people on the Internet who claim to know more than the majority.

Since its announcement, there have been rumors left and right about the Nintendo NX, its controllers, games, etc. Now a Reddit user by the name of “perkele37” has made a post showing what he claims to be the dev kit of the device with a controller. He says the left and right joysticks act more like circle pads and the shoulder buttons feel and act like mouse scrollers. He also states the it has a unique rumble and there is a 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom.

To add the possible excitement of this never before seen controller, a Vine by Tim Aza shows the same device with what appears to be a Legend of Zelda game playing on the controller itself. This was posted with the hashtag #BELIEVE. While we all want to believe this is the real Nintendo NX controller, there is one issue that has been pointed out on Reddit.

There are no buttons. It has a circle pads and shoulder scrollers, but there are no buttons. Even in the Vine, as the game seems to be moving, no one is holding the controller. It is more like the controller is playing a video. There was a rumor at one time that the NX would be two separate devices, so that could have something to do with there being no buttons on this one product, but it is still a hard concept to grasp.

What do you think of the image and the video showing this possible Nintendo NX controller? Let us know in the comments.

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