For those unfamiliar with Julian Gallop, he was the director for the cult classic XCOM: UFO Defense, the starting point for all things XCOM. Since then, he has been working on other projects including Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, Assassin’s Creed: Liberation and a kickstarted project called Chaos Reborn. Now, he has another project under his belt and it will be titled Phoenix Point. Working in tandem with Snapshot Games, Julian Gallop is at it again with another turn-based tactical combat game.

The tweet sent out by Julian when the game was announced merely links to the site that has a silhouette of a disfigured entity. The site also allows you to get on the mailing list for new details as they come and links to various social mediums. Meanwhile, the Facebook page has an icon of the phoenix which will more than likely be a symbol for an entity or group within the game.

Other than that, the game is still very enigmatic, but if Julian Gallop’s track record for tactical games suggests anything, this game has a lot of potential and a lot of heads turning.

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