PlayStation VR is now officially available for pre-order, though you’ll have to move fast before the rest of retailers sell out. At the time of this writing, Amazon has already sold out of the basic headset option, but WalmartGameStop, and Best Buy still seem to have units left.

PSVR will be the cheapest option among all other VR headsets when it launches, but that’s provided consumers don’t need to buy the PS Move controllers or PS Camera along with the headset. If you don’t already own these required add-on devices however, you’ll be able to get them for cheap when bundled together with the PSVR, although such bundles are not available for pre-order just yet.

The standalone version of the PSVR will cost $400 and includes everything the device will need to work, including the external processor, cables, etc. You’ll also get the PlayStation VR demo disc to introduce you to the next “reality” of gaming.

To put the price in perspective with its competitors in the VR market, the HTC Vive will reportedly cost around $800 at launch and the Oculus Rift recently stormed onto store shelves with a $600 price tag.

Source: Siliconera

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