In PlayStation 4’s 3.5 update, a quick note was mentioned in regards to the PlayStation VR: that the device is not suitable for children aged 12 or under. There was no real reasoning behind it in the patch notes, but various people have offered an explanation.

It’s worth noting that the Oculus Rift also has a similar suggestion, stating that children at the age of 13 or under shouldn’t use the device. During a speech at GDC 2013, the founder of Oculus, Palmer Luckey, had mentioned that the VR headsets have been tuned to work well with certain distances between adult eyes. The problem for children was that their eyes would be more closer together naturally and thus would ‘ruin the way their stereo perception evolves’.

More news in regards to the PlayStation VR is expected to be shown off during March 15th GDC presentation for Sony. So far, a release date and price point has not been announced yet.

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