When it was revealed yesterday, the $399 price tag for PlayStation VR left more than a few people curious. Since then it’s been revealed the standard box does not include the mandatory $60 PlayStation Camera that is required to make the VR headset work, let alone PlayStation Move controllers.

Speaking with Tech Insider, PlayStation’s worldwide head of studios Shuhei Yoshida explained the decision. A separate bundle will be sold that includes the Camera and Move controllers, but due the fact the move controllers are not mandatory and due to the large number of people that already have the PlayStation Camera, Sony decided to not include either in the standard box.

While this may come as a surprise to some, the PlayStation Camera actually saw fantastic success when the PS4 launched. Back when PlayStation VR was first announced as Project Morpheus, it was revealed the PlayStation Camera was actually going through a supply shortage, the demand far outstretching Sony’s own projections. At the time, Sony boasted a staggering 15% attach rate, meaning just under a sixth of all PS4 owners also had a camera.

While Yoshida could not confirm if the PlayStation Camera has maintained that attach rate since, it’s not inconceivable. If so, that would mean more than 6 million PlayStation Cameras are already in the hands of gamers.

Sadly, Yoshida also could not confirm an exact price for the PSVR bundle. But look for more information about it as we continue towards the virtual reality headset’s release in October.

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