Ubisoft has announced that they will be expanding the cheating criteria for Rainbow Six Siege to help identify players who are cheating in-game.

“In order to increase our efforts to counter cheating in Rainbow Six Siege,” Ubisoft wrote, “We will be expanding our criteria to identify potential cheaters. If identified as a potential cheater, that player will be immediately removed from the game and receive a temporary suspension.”

Ubisoft didn’t go into detail or explain what that new criteria is, but they did say that potential cheaters will be kicked from the game and will receive a short ban. With no real details in the announcement I guess we’ll just have to trust that Ubisoft is working on it.

The developer also released a patch earlier this month that focused on cheating, exploits, and spawn killing. Future DLC for Siege will feature operators from the United States, Brazil, and Japan.

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