Last week, Microsoft released a statement that they plan to allow some titles to support cross-play compatibility with “other consoles.” Sony responded by saying that they would be open to the idea, but refused to make any promises. Now, Rocket League developer Psyonix Studios have announced that the server cross-over for their title is ready from a developer standpoint.

Speaking to GameSpot, Psyonix vice president Jeremy Dunham stated that the only step left was to get the console manufacturers to cooperate.

“The only thing we have to do now is sort of find out where we stand politically with everyone, and then it’s full steam ahead to finish the solution that we’ve already started,” Dunham stated. “Technologically everything works, we’ve got it figured out, just a little bit of time to get everything up and running. Right now, excitement is the best way to put it. We just want to get in there and make it happen. Elation is probably another word I would use. We’re just excited.”

Dunham also stated that connecting both servers would be good for Rocket League’s overall health. “There’s this weird psychological thing that happens with people if you let them know that their community is small, even though they’re enjoying the game and playing it. There’s this weird effect where sometimes it encourages them to stop playing if they think nobody else is going to play with them, which creates a snowball effect where other people stop playing because they don’t think anyone’s going to play.”

Rocket League will support cross-network play between PC and Xbox One this spring. The PlayStation 4 version of the game already allows cross-network play with PC.

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