Psyonix Studios is partnering with 505 Games to bring a physical version of Rocket League to reality. The physical version of the game, called Rocket League: Collector’s Edition, will include the Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, and Chaos Run DLC. As well, there’s talk of there being retail-specific DLC, but no word yet on which retailers will be participating in that.

“We are honored and excited to help Psyonix bring Rocket League: Collector’s Edition to a whole new audience,” Ian Howe, President of 505 Games, said. “As big as Rocket League has become, both 505 Games and Psyonix believe that there is still a significant untapped segment of the gaming audience who become aware of products through physical retail.”

505 Games has assisted developers in reaching different audiences for games, such as the physical version of Terraria and Payday 2. Dave Hagewood, CEO and Studio Director of Psyonix Studios, commented that, “505 Games is a proven entity in taking digital brands like Terraria and Payday, and breaking them out through their long-established retail partnerships and on-the-ground expertise to a whole new consumer-base worldwide.”

Rocket League: Collector’s Edition will be racing to the Xbox One and PS4 sometime in the Fall of 2016.

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