My how time flies. One of my first few articles on Gamespresso was the announcement of NightCry’s Kickstarter success. In just a year, the team now has a clearer release window. According to Steam, NightCry will be released in Spring 2016.

NightCry was a Kickstarter project pulled together by Nude Maker, a team led by Hifumi Kono, the original developer for Clock Tower. Coming together, the team had previously planned for just an iOS version of the game. However, due to outcries from fans for a PC version, the team decided to utilize a Kickstarter campaign to receive funding for the heavy upscaled graphics and better lighting.

Along with the announcement of the release window, a list of Japanese voice actor/actresses have been revealed for all the characters within the game:

  • Nazuka Kaori – Monica
  • Koyama Rikiya – Leonard
  • Matsui Erina – Rooney
  • Mizuno Shuntarou – Jerome
  • Shimizu Ai – Connie
  • Miyano Mamoru – Frontman
  • Shibata Hidekatsu – Vigo
  • Koizumi Takao – Kelly
  • Itou Asuka – Jessica
  • Shimizu Jun – Maria
  • Iwazaki Yousuke – Harry, Announcements
  • Maihara Yume – Angie, Doll
  • Ogura Naohiro – Coby, Rescue Worker
  • Irikura Keisuke – Fat Crew Member
  • Naofumi Ichihashi – Newscaster
  • Kurisu Patora – Old Woman

Worth noting is that the game will feature options to play the game in either Japanese or English audio tracks.

In NightCry, you’ll have to survive and escape from an abandoned cruise liner who falls under the shadows of the murderer, ScissorWalker. One of my more anticipated survival horror games, I’m glad to see the game in full swing and hope to get the game soon! You can pick up the game on preorder via Playism.

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