Along with revealing a price, release window, and new features headed to PlayStation VR, Sony also announced the virtual reality system will receive an exclusive Star Wars Battlefront experience.

“This will be a Star Wars Battlefront gaming experience like nothing else, where players can transport themselves to a galaxy far, far away,” president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House, said on stage at GDC.

While there were no other details given about the project, even in terms of whether it would be a port of the already existing game or something new, more information was promised to come soon.

Star Wars Battlefront released last Fall on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and is scheduled to receive it’s the Outer Rim DLC, the game’s first paid-DLC, on Apr. 5.

Our review acknowledged the game’s “impressive visuals and incredible soundtrack,” but ultimately found, “If you’re looking for an in-depth game that lets you immerse yourself in the glorious Star Wars universe, sadly, Star Wars Battlefront is not it.”

PSVR is set to release this October for $399. Unfortunately however, that price does not include the mandatory $60 PlayStation Camera. Sony also announced a bundle that will pack in the camera and Move controllers, but have yet to say anything in regards to pricing.

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