Steam provides every gamer with a personal hub for every game on PC. The list of titles that are available  is massive and ever growing. Sometimes featured bundles are the best way to try out as many of these games in one swoop. They can, however, be a bit pricey.

One of the biggest annoyance of bundles is when you want to play the majority of games in it, but already own one of them, so it just seems like a waste. That won’t be the case anymore. Steam has contacted developers and PCGamesN stating that if a player owns one or more games in a bundle they wish to purchase, then the bundle will be discounted. This is a way for those who purchase games early in release not to feel punished for when they are later put into bundles. Since so many bundles are based on a theme or series, this new pricing system almost works as a “completing the set” sort of thing.

There has been no official announcement of this yet from Steam, but it seems highly unlikely that PCGamesN would simply just make it up. Will this entice you to purchase more bundles?

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