TERA players that have been playing from the start should remember The Island of Dawn.

The former starting zone has been re-purposed as a level 65 zone, current end game content. The update, which launches today, is known as Dawnfall.

According to the news post on the official website their is a level 65 BAM hunting ground, all new storyline, daily solo and group quests, and Tier 7 and 8 rewards being introduced.

The update to the game takes place after the world tree falls, and the Island of Dawn has been transformed into a wasteland. The former starting zone needs protection from the games most veteran players, willing to solve the mystery of how the world tree was destroyed.

Along with the update to the starting zone, Dawnfall also adds Forsaken Island hard mode. The island is currently TERA’s top level dungeon, and the developers wanted to make it even harder for players bored with it. New and better item drops, Forsaken Island hard mode promises to challenge even the most veteran of players.

You can read the full update notes here.

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