In The Division, the Dark Zone is where players hunt for the best loot by eliminating computer controller characters, but there’s also a chance to take out human controlled players and steal their loot. That’s where the tension lies, between obtaining loot and extracting it. The developers feel the Dark Zone isn’t dangerous enough though and plan to change it.

In Ubisoft Massive’s State of the Game Twitch stream, the developer said that the PvP Dark Zone hasn’t been as competitive as they originally planned it to be as players tend to pass each other to keep their precious loot instead of going Rogue to steal the loot from other players. The developer plans to implement changes to make the Dark Zone more competitive and one of the changes they hinted at is to lower the penalty for dying as a Rogue.

The developer also addressed concerns from players about frustrations with the computer controller Assault class. The class rushes players with shotguns and is quite deadly. Massive’s said they won’t change the Assault class and players need to rely on their skills to defeat those enemies.

Tom Clancy’s The Division released last week for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Look for our review of the game later this week.

Source: VG 24/7 via EGMNOW

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